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Nurture, Support & Think Big


Our VISION Statement is ‘Bringing Learning Alive’ 

Our Mission:

To nurture and support our children to love learning and understand the value of reaching their full potential.  


We are passionately committed to developing well-rounded, happy children who think ‘BIG’ and progress to the next chapter of their lives, with the skills, knowledge and experiences to achieve their dreams.

Our Curriculum:

At Shield Row Primary School we offer a broad academic curriculum that is underpinned by our four key aims. 

To further develop a reading-rich curriculum which enhances learning, supports the development of communication skills and results in the acquisition of knowledge which is retained, so that pupils know more, remember more and learn more.

To enrich the curriculum so that is celebrates difference, develops an understanding of right and wrong, and which ensures pupils develop a strong moral compass. 

To provide an ambitious curriculum which is exciting and engaging and which challenges children to think, question, problem solve and reason.  

To nurture learning behaviours that will help our children to succeed. We want our pupils to be:

- independent

- resilient

- motivated

- reflective

- creative  

Our Key Aims.

To ensure high quality teaching for every pupil, which meets their needs, challenges them appropriately and helps them grow.


That the percentage of children reaching national benchmarks at the end of each phase exceeds national averages. 


That children make progress that is better than the national average. 


To provide an enriched curriculum offer, whereby no child is disadvantaged. 


To allow children to become increasingly resilient and independent by providing appropriate challenge. 


To design learning opportunities so that children can problem solve and reason across the curriculum by applying a range of skills. 


To establish a strong moral foundation so that children have positive self-image and this is reflected in how they behave and interact with others.



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