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Our after-school club, RECHARGE, is designed for play, learning and relaxing with friends.


Recharge provides childcare from the end of the school day until 6pm.


There are three options for Recharge:

Option 1: 3:20pm to 4:30pm is £4 per session.

Option 2: 3:20pm to 6pm is £6 per session.

Option 3: After a club 4:30pm - 6pm is £2 per session. 


Recharge includes a range of free choice activities such as:  

  • Lego

  • Colouring/ arts and crafts

  • Educational apps

  • Movies/ kids TV 

  • Reading 

  • Games


We also offer homework help and reading support if you would like it.


Children are provided with a light tea, which is usually a sandwich, drink and some fruit.


Collection of children in Recharge is from the playground door where there is a designated bell.  

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