Below please find a list of interactive lessons hosted online by teachers and celebrities. Some are usually updated daily and are a great way to vary home learning and keep those minds active. Click on the blue links below to find out more.
Each morning at 9am Monday to Friday, Joe Wicks the Body Coach is hosting live PE lessons for children on his YouTube channel. These are daily and you can take part live or catch them later on his YouTube channel.
Carol Vorderman has made her online maths school free (usually £2) for 4-12 year olds throughout the school closure period.

Each day at 11am David Walliams is releasing an audio short from his ‘Worlds Worst Children’ series. There is a new audiobook released each day and you can catch up on any you missed.
Each day Barefoot Computing ambassador Dr Chips will be hosting a live lesson at 10am in Science, Engineering and Computing, take part and tweet along.
'Strictly Come Dancing' professional and 'BBC's Greatest Dancer' judge will be hosting daily dance classes at 11.30 on her YouTube channel.
Classical pianist Myleene Klass is hosting daily music lessons on her YouTube channel. Each Monday and Friday at 10am and Wednesdays at 6.30pm.
Youtube chef Theo Michaels his hosting daily cookery lessons. Why take part and share some of those tasty dishes to the school twitter. Im sure Mrs Laidler would love to see what healthy meals you are preparing from home. Tune in every Monday and Wednesday at 4pm.
Award wining author and artist Oliver Jeffers is hosting a daily story time at 6pm on his instagram feed.
Bestselling and multi award-winning author/illustrator Bob Biddulph is posting a #DrawWithBob video every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am. Get drawing and post the creations on social media.
Each day you can find a new coding challenge to complete on Scratch. Then you can check back later for the solution. The challenge is released at 12pm each day with the solution at 3pm.

Epic Live!, a new Facebook Live video series, brings the unlimited discovery of Epic digital learning to life.

Tune in on Wednesdays and Fridays to see top-notch experts lead collaborative, educational, and fun classes for your child. Covering topics from graphic novels, to art, science, and more. Each 20-minute episode will showcase guest teachers such as best-selling authors and illustrators, a Tony award winner, celebrity chefs, scientists, Epic master teachers, a Broadway choreographer and many more!


Maths Live Lessons

White Rose Maths Live Lessons 
The White Rose Maths Team has prepared a series of five brand new maths lessons for each year group. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully.
Gareth Metcalfe Live Lessons
Primary Maths Specialist Gareth Metcalfe is planning daily maths live lessons in the event of school closures.  Provisionally, the lesson aimed at Y3-4 may air at 9:15am and the Y5-6 lesson at 10:00am. This is all subject to change. 
Information will be available on his Blog at:
Corbett Maths
There are primary 5 a day Maths activities available at:

STEM Activities - Live Lessons and Family Ideas

Dr Chipps Live Lessons
Barefoot Ambassador and STEM subject leader Dr Chips will be leading live lessons on Science, Engineering and Computing. Tune in at...
Family STEM Ideas
Here are ideas linked to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths that you could work on as a family. 
  • Using Lego or similar products, or junk modeling, what can you design and make? What might you do in the future to improve it? 
  • Design a gadget in your book that would make your life easier or more efficient, or would improve somebody else's life or job. Include a labelled diagram and explain what it does, and how.
  • Take photographs of any cooking or baking they do or write the recipes in their books and draw a picture of it. 
  • Pick 5 items from your fridge or cupboard. How might you combine them to make a balanced meal to feed your family?
  • Analyse different food packaging considering the environment, cost, 
  • Design a package for a certain food product (especially if they have made something)