British Values


Our Core Vision is ‘To provide high quality teaching and learning in a rich learning environment focused on individual needs to enable all children and staff to meet or exceed their potential and become confident lifelong learners’

At Shield Row Primary:

  • We are concerned about the ‘whole’ child
  • We care about our children – Every Child Matters to us – we remove the barriers to learning whatever they may be.
  • We have developed a strong RESPECT agenda.
  • We have high expectations for all our children and want them to be proud of what they achieve.
  • We focus on RIGHTS of every child – safe caring learning environment where everyone is respected and valued.
  • Our children are polite and well mannered to visitors and we create a caring ethos.
  • We prepare our children to face the outside world of work. Confident, capable, flexible learners.
  • We promote enjoyment as well as education – our children want to come to school and our children have a voice!
  • We involve the community in as much as we can and we see this as the future of the school