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Welcome to Early Years 


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Mrs Bolton- Reception Teacher

Mrs Gascoigne- Nursery Teacher

Miss Cariss- Early Years Teaching Assistant

Miss Salkeld- Nursery Teaching Assistant


In Early Years, we are 3,4 and 5 years old and we all work together as a team. We are young explorers who enjoy creating, investigating, evaluating and acquiring new skills! Come and join the fun...                   

In Early Years we believe that play is the foundation of development and learning for young children. Your child will take part in many indoor and outdoor play experiences that will help them to learn and have fun!


The EYFS curriculum is based on three characteristics of effective learning;


  •      Playing and Exploring: Engagement
  •    Active Learning: Motivation
  •   Creating and thinking critically


Within the theme of Learning and Development there are three Prime Areas and four Specific Areas. All are connected to one another and are equally important.


Prime areas:

·Personal, Social and Emotional development

        This area of learning helps children to feel good about themselves and others so they are able to develop positive relationships.  It supports them to become independent, excited and motivated learners. 




·Physical Development

        Making progress in physical development gives children confidence and enables them to feel the beneftis of being healthy and active.  your child will participate in PE and Dance lessons, improving their skills of co-ordination, control and movement.  There will be many opportunities for your child to develop fine motor skills for example through using scissors, glue, paintbrushes and pencils. 



·Communication and Language

        This helps children to develop language through talking, thinking and listening in different situations. 



Specific Areas:


       To support children in their early reading and writing, they are encouraged to mark make, enjoy story books and rhymes and link sounds to letters.  You can help by reading stories and encouraging your child to join in and talk about books, singing songs and Nursery rhymes, taking time to listen to them talking about things they have done and answering their questions. 



       This area of learning includes developing mathematical understanding through stories, songs, games, everyday activities and imaginative play so that children enjoy experimenting and become confident and curious about numbers, shapes, patterns and measures. 


·Understanding of the World

        In this area of learning, chidlren develop knowledge, skills and understanding that help them to make sense of the world.  This is the foundation for later work in History, Geography, Science and ICT.


·Expressive arts and Design

       This area of learning includes Art, Music, Dance, Drama and imaginative play.  It provides opportunities for children to try new experiences and express themselves in a variety of ways.  Creativity is an important part of successful learning; it enables children to make connections between experiences, solve problems and be inventive. 


Our aim is for both you and your child to have a happy and confident beginning to their School life at Shield Row Primary School.